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Tandm Web App

Project Introduction

Tandm revolutionizes the way you work and say hello to a more productive and collaborative work environment. Users with the help of their peers can evaluate themselves across different key skills which are required for a productive and collaborative work environment.

Project Highlights

  • The web application offers a contemporary and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for all end-users.
  • The system generates dynamic review pages, allowing peers to submit their evaluations of other users, focusing on personality traits and strengths.
  • User assessments are conducted by calculating an individual’s personality and strengths based on a combination of peer reviews and self-ratings
  • Analyse focus areas where users can enhance their skills, enabling them to identify and work on their weaknesses effectively.
  • Tailored analytical tools provide valuable insights into users’ engagement and interactions with the platform, facilitating a deeper understanding of their usage patterns.


React, Node Js, Mongo DB, AWS, Google Analytics

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    Building Better Relationship
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  • Date:
    June 2023